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So, I wouldn’t say my skin is my best feature.  It’s freckly, tans well but in different shades  depending on where it is on my body, I have freckles on my knees, and I have moles.

Quite a few actually.


I had several removed by a doctor long ago but I paid about $150 each and they didn’t even do that great of a job! They bled, it hurt, I have scars…they didn’t even fully remove one of them.

mah face

It’s vanity really, they aren’t a problem, I just think they’re ugly.  And you know what’s kinda annoying?  My husband has only one.


Not fair I say, not fair at all.

Anyhow, I got to thinking that there must be some natural ways to get rid of the nasty little blobs so I started researching.

There are a lot of options out there, but I couldn’t find many testimonials of any of them actually working…so I decided to be your guinea pig.

You’re welcome.

The two methods I started with were garlic and apple cider vinegar.  Mostly because I had everything I needed on hand, and the supplies are SO stinking cheap!

Another product I have heard that works well is Oregano Oil, however, this has been said to burn pretty bad, and it’s not safe during pregnancy, but I’m totally up for trying it in the future!

I chose one on my face that particularly bothers me (I know, not smart to experiment with your face…), one on the back of my arm, and one that magically appeared on my chest during my first pregnancy (yay!)…

mole removal

I was expecting the garlic to work the best, so I did it on my face and chest and did the ACV on my arm.


However, after 3 days the ACV one had turned black (I know….it get’s worse before it gets better) and the garlic ones were drying out, but it also seemed to burn the skin around the moles, actually causing a scab on my face.  The one on my arm was relatively focused just on the mole, with the skin around it only mildly red, mostly from the tape I think.

So, I switched them all to ACV.

Here’s my method:

      • soak a cotton ball in raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar
      • squeeze out excess while still leaving the cotton saturated
      • cut off enough of the cotton to completely encompass the entire mole
      • place the cotton on top and surrounding the sides of the mole and cover with medical tape.  I know, sexy, right?  Remind me why I do these things when my husband is home?

**I prefer the tape over a bandaid as it locks the moisture in, preventing the ACV from drying out.

acv treatment

Leave this on overnight, remove in the morning, and repeat every night until it dies, has become a scab, and falls off (or gets picked off if you’re impatient like me!)

Because ACV is so smelly, I preferred to just do this at night, and do coconut oil mixed with Frankincense essential oil during the day. This keeps it soft and the Frankincense promotes the death of the nasty little thing as well.

Like I said, after 3 days the mole was mostly black, and scabby.  After a week it seemed totally dead.  At 9 days I gently pulled the scab off to reveal a small white crater.  Unlike having them sliced off, the ACV had eaten away only the mole!  It’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

arm removed

No bleeding, stitches, numbing shots, costly visits to the Doctor…I’m sold.

The bonus?  It costs about 10 cents per mole!

Here it is today, healing, redness around it is almost completely gone.


I expect a small scar, but I have scars from ones that I had removed by a plastic surgeon so that doesn’t bother me.  Daily application of coconut oil will help to diminish them drastically.

Because I started with garlic on the other ones, I had to stop and let them heal before starting again, so I’m just beginning the process with the ACV on those ones.

Alright, I hope this didn’t gross you out so much.  But I think moles are more disgusting…good riddance.

Now, I’m completely obsessed.  I’m doing this on every single one on my body…perhaps I should wait until the winter when I can cover up a bit more, but I’m not good at waiting!

I would LOVE to see how this works for you guys!

***check out my results two months later HERE***

live well. be well.

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  1. says

    Ha! When I read the post title, I thought you meant moles the animals. LOL. I am excited to read your post but I’m wondering if this will work on freckles and age spots too, or just moles?

  2. Lisa says

    Holy MOLY! ha.ha.
    No, really – this is awesome. I’ve had a few pop up after pregnancy too and they aren’t the “pretty” ones. Not a fan! My mother always called them beauty marks and I like to think that they ARE except that they’re NOT. :) This is a great remedy. Thanks so much for being our guinea pig. :)

  3. emily says

    I love this! Does it hurt? I have a few and I want to try it but it seems like it would really hurt? I have had some removed but it is so annoying to go have them removed at dermatologist. Thanks for this!

  4. Becca says

    You are awesome! you think it will work on dark moles that are flat to the skin? Or is this just for the ones that are raised? And do you think it will work on skin tags?

  5. says

    Not sure if my comment went through…but would it be okay to use ACV during the day too? I don’t have Frankincense oil & wondered if I could do ACV instead or if I should just do coconut oil in the daytime.

    Thanks for this! I hope it works for me too! I started on Saturday night!

      • says

        It worked!!! Ah I’m so excited! I did it one one that was pretty flat, another that was really raised an also on a wart. The two moles have both fallen off and are now healing! The wart is still being worked on!

        It was quite painful at times but I’m SO glad I stuck with it!!!!

        Thank you so much!

      • says

        It worked!!!! I am so glad!!

        I did it on two moles (one pretty flat and the other raised) and one wart. Both of the moles have fallen off and are healing!! The wart is almost off!

        It was really painful at times, especially on the wart…I’m just glad I stuck with it!!

        Thank you for posting!!

  6. Ashley says

    wow i’m gonna try this! i had one taken off ($150) and want more done but don’t wanna pay that! any advice for skin tags? i have some small ones in my arm pit that are G-ross!!

    • says

      Ooh yeah! Let me know how it works. I don’t have any skin tags to try it on but I would give it a go for sure! BEcause the ACV seems to target abnormal tissue, it may not work on the skin tag, so oregano oil or garlic may be a more effective (although a bit more aggressive) option.

    • Karla Buh says

      I sterilize the nail clippers with alcohol and just clip the tags quickly. Some I have done were larger but didnt have a problem with them either. Just be quick. Last mole I cut off and put cayenne pepper on to heal and stop the bleeding. I too am very impatient and dont like the doctors bills. I did question one if it were malignant and had the doctor remove and biopsy so be sure they are not malignant. Cutting is free and tags dont come back. Karla Buh

  7. says

    Surgery is so expensive for mole removal that using natural remedies is a no-brainer, especially if you have multiple moles on your body. Thank you for your detailed case study, i am sure you put a lot of effort into keeping track of everything and the pictures look great. In the beginning, it looked quite ugly for a while, i was afraid that was going to leave a scar or something, glad that was not the case.

  8. jenna says

    Like you, I hate moles. I mean, I try to accept and love my body and I do… but NOT THE MOLES! I discovered the ACV method earlier today and got right on it, since I had everything I needed at home (I have no patience). After scouring the internet, I haven’t seen many “after” pictures, so I’m curious how your mole-removal areas are doing now, over a month later, and if you think the coconut oil helped with healing/scarring.

  9. Sarah l says

    What would you recomend using to prevent scarring or irritation after the mole falls off? Also during the treatment would vasaleen around the mole be good during the night treatment? Pls let me know

  10. kay says

    how long did it take to completely heal? i want to do this for a mole on my face but school is starting soon and i don’t want to put a huge band aid on my face lol

  11. Melissa says

    After years of suffering with a few grotesque moles on my legs that get nicked every time I shave…I decided to try the ACV remedy. I always used bandaids to cover the moles up in the first place so they were already available in the house. I use ACV for heartburn. I am on day 4 and have been wearing the cotton balls soaked in ACV around the clock. I change it once a day after I shower. I have been scrubbing off the dead material on a daily basis. 2 of the moles are flattened now and I think I will not scrub them anymore until the pit appears. The 3rd and most annoying one on the back of my knee was the size of a green pea and bulged outward. It has been reduced by 1/3 at least. I am so excited!! It stings a bit and the smell isn’t pleasant but it is a heck of a lot better than spending hundreds of dollars ($1200 in my case for all 3 moles). Nature is an amazing thing. I won’t be using stick on tattoo’s or colorful bandaids anymore!!

  12. says

    hi, I did your method for about a week one of my flatter moles, and I’m astonished to say it worked! my mole came off this morning (sry if that’s gross!). however, underneath the mole (which was dark brown) there is what seems to be the root of the mole — light yellowish stuff. I don’t know if I should attack that more with AVC or let it be? did you experience this?

  13. says

    Mmkay, I’ve got a different kind of question. I have a mole on my face/cheek that has been light colored and almost completely flat for a long time. But randomly over the past two days it has grown a ton and is now quite raised and getting darker. Should I just go ahead with the ACV cotton ball, or should I get it checked out? It’s pretty weird that it has suddenly grown a lot. Hoping I can just rot it off the good ol’ natural way, but I want to be sure. : )

    • says

      I honestly think that if it’s changing shape/color that you should probably have your doctor look at it – this is at least the “safe” advice for me to give. I would find a holistic doctor, not a dermatologist though!

  14. Sarah says

    I have been a long time user of Dermatend and for a year I have never had a mole removed after a long time trying! I emailed the company day after day explaining my steps and they agreed I did it correctly but I just wasnt getting any results. I’ve been desperate for results. I hope this is the answer I need!

      • Sarah says

        I’m trying it tonight for the first time. I will let you know the results! I found the same vinegar (raw, unfiltered) at walmart!! It was a 32 oz bottle for $4!! I was so excited. And they have the tape there too which was 3 or 4 dollars. I hope this works.

  15. Roxie says

    Lindsay, THANK YOU for educating us on how ACV can remove moles: Mine is much smaller as a result of taping an ACV-soaked cottonball on it for several nights before bed. I also had success on another mole by using COCONUT OIL (which did not work on the other one; I guess moles are not comprised of exactly the same type of skin cells). Thanks again! R in Mpls.

  16. Kate says

    oh, my, that just sounds, well, pretty dangerous and irresponsible to your health
    only a few days ago I visited a dermatologist (head of derm dept. at a local hospital) and she told me that the only proper way to remove moles IS cutting them out and the surgeon should then get the tissue with the mole tested for cancer (even if the mole doesn’t look unusual or malicious)
    she also told me that freezing them or removing any other way is a malpractice
    so what you’re proposing here is dangerous for you and also for the people you’re sharing your “recipe” with, toying around with skin cancer risk is just playing with fire…

    • says

      In the same way that dermatologists told me that there is no cure for eczema, and steroids are the only option (untrue and unhealthy), and mainstream doctors will say that the only way to treat the flu is with Tamiflu (untrue and unsafe), and that the only way to treat strep is with antibiotics (untrue and unhealthy), they will tell you that the only way to get rid of any mole is to have them surgically remove it – much more profitable than, say, a 10 cent home remedy for sure! There are many holistic treatments out there for mole removal including Oil of Oregano, castor oil, coconut oil, garlic, and apple cider vinegar. It just depends on which “side” you tend to lean towards. I lean towards the holistic side as opposed to the mainstream side, so ACV is good enough for me! As for malpractice, this is also just untrue. Many mainstream dermatologists freeze moles off all the time! The key is to not be so easily scared and influenced by what one doctor is saying 😉

      • Kate says

        well, I guess it is at your own risk after all…
        I do believe in looking for other options, however when it comes to cancer did my research and am not about to take any risks, prefer to have moles cut out and examined rather than use home-made ideas and not know whether they were malignant or not. I do not live in the US so I do not have to pay extra for surgical removal (the standard health insurance covers it). The thing with home remedies is they are fine a lot of the time, but also the progress in modern medicine makes us aware of some things our ancestors weren’t aware of… and it gives us opportuinities to test (ie. testing tissue vs. cancer) when they didn’t have such choices.
        When it comes to freezing if they do freeze moles then it is just medically wrong (and lazy of doctors), however freezing warts is fine, so I guess it depends on your definition of a mole.
        I hope all is fine and you have no future trouble with this method (I honestly do), but personally I am not that much of a gambler to risk trying out this method on my skin (and I do have tons of moles).

    • Louise says

      Two points: (1) Lindsay is not an MD; nor is she selling her services for money. As a result, she can’t be accused of any sort of “malpractice.” She is simply sharing her personal experience with this method. If readers aren’t comfortable with it, they can certainly visit an MD for surgical mole removal. (2) As someone who has HAD melanoma, I know the symptoms for skin cancer – and raised moles that have not changed in size/color/appearance are relatively low risk.

      As far as the American health care system, cost is always an issue – and medical offices are definitely profit-driven businesses. That’s why many of us are willing to embrace naturopathic methods. As for me, I’ve had two moles that were melanoma: both were flat, larger than one inch, irregularly shaped, and changing colors. The mole I removed using ACV was nothing like that.

      • Kate says

        (1) For clarity – I didn’t accuse anyone of malpractice, what I said is that removing moles a different way than is malpractice. Therefore it would apply to people performing it whilst being doctors. And it should also ring a bell to regular people without medical education who are considering doing this to themselves based on the information provided in this blog.
        So this is basically an academic discussion realted to your misunderstaing of what I had written above before.
        (2) I am really sorry for you and hope that you are alright now and I wish you a healthy future.
        However, when it comes to melanoma, should you do a further research you would find out that what you descirbe is the textbook approach that is currently being verified because applying those rules to everyone led to people living with melanoma and not knowing it, because it can develop also in small moles under an inch, skin cancer can also develop in the uncolored moles that often go unnoticed… So, in my opinin, the most important part of what you said is the part about relatively low risk. A risk is a risk. Period.

        Having said that, I wish you live a healthy life and never have to deal with the stress of melanoma. Bless you.

      • Gemma Rose says

        I was told in the uk that my moles on face couldn’t be removed under nhs as it’s “cosmetic” I’m trying the acv and so far I’m very impressed x

  17. Tineee says

    hi lindsay, its already my 5th day of ACV treatment I accidentally removed the black thingy and it exposes a moist small crater like the pic youve shown, do I have to stop the treatment to let it dry or continue the treatment? did you stop or still continue on how many days? tnx for sharing, Godbless!

  18. Kasey says

    now I had (or still have rather) a raised freckle mole type thing on the middle of my forehead that I tried cutting off with nail clippers .. it got most of it off but it is still slightly raised and noticible. Do you think this would still work on it ? to remove it completely?

  19. says

    Heya i’m for the primary time here. I came across this board and I in finding
    It truly useful & it helped me out much. I am hoping to offer
    something back and aid others such as you
    helped me.

  20. Sally says

    Interesting read. I came across this after asking google if I can treat freckles with garlic. I’ve actually been treating a couple of lumps this week with garlic and I’ve been so happy with the results. I don’t think moles/freckles/beauty spots are either beautiful nor ugly they are just shades of colour and as long as they are not large, grow or change shape who cares. For me the concern is size…I had a lump. Visited 5 doctors. Was given all sorts of advice and diagnoses of what the lumps are. After 5 doctors over 8yrs I was given a hospital appointment. The doctor told me the diagnosis from my doctor was incorrect. That she wasn’t sure exactly what the lumps were. She knew what they weren’t and thought they might be moles. Then after asking questions and prodding me, the doctor said these haunting words “it’s not cancer”. I didn’t for a second think they were cancerous, but hearing that C word and having lost quite a few members on both sides of my family to cancer I’m not taking any chances! Lumps that grow and can’t be diagnosed are NEVER a good thing. Booked an appointment to have one cut off, but cancelled and decided to at least try home remedy first. In conclusion the garlic is working really well. You have to keep it on constantly, use a few plasters to ensure there’s no air getting in and change the piece of garlic daily and keep the skin clean. One has been successfully removed and another (much larger) is on its way out. Still to do another one and have been looking at a large freckle wondering if that too should go.It also gives you a crazy craving for garlic. Can’t stop eating the stuff lol. oops didn’t mean this post to go on for so long.

  21. Jade says

    I’ve had one eraser sized planters wart on my foot for years that I could never get rid of. It took a week, and honestly it was very painful, but so worth it! It’s been months since I removed it and it’s gone forever.

    It amazes me that every dermatologist in the world could help people out tremendously if they would only tell them about this.

  22. Jacky Santana says

    I have tried other expensive mole removals. Nothing worked as good and QUICK as ACV. Less than a week my moles dried out. Thanks again on your blog!! = )

  23. Hanna says

    Hi Lindsay! I have at least 200 hundred moles and have always had a lot (and more coming). so when I read about you getting rid of your moles in a natural way I feel so happy :). Did you prick or scratch the surface with a needle before you applied the acv?

  24. Farah says

    Hi Did you use this method on flat moles,I have three on my face that do my heading,I have already tried garlic for about 2 weeks-but yet no difference,my moles haven’t got any lighter or smaller. Would this vinegar definitely work on flat moles.

  25. says

    I did it on my neck and have had a severe reaction to latex band-aids. My fault but I’m desperate to get the rest of it off. 2/3 of it fell off and a little piece won’t come off, even when I pull at it. My neck looks like a giant hickey, any idea how long until the rest of it falls off? It’s dry, just still seems attached, and the vinegar really burns going into the open crater.

  26. says

    Thank you so much for your post. I’m new to your blog and find you very interesting. It surprises me how many mean people there are leaving comments on your blog. You would think if people don’t like what you say they can hit the back button or go navigate elsewhere. Its quite cowardly hiding behind a computer screen, ripping sweet people like you apart for opening up their life to help others see a different healthier way of living. From one mom to another thank you for all that you are doing and I hope you continue! :)

  27. Christal Espelage says

    After Trying This For A Few Days, Mine Is Now Black And Kind Of Scabby. Should I Continue To Apply The ACV Or Will The Scab EffectuallyJust Come Off?

  28. christen says

    I have a mole with no pigment, do you think it will work for that? I’m afraid to take it off then it come back with pigmemt. :\

  29. Amanda Day says

    I just had 2 moles frozen. I’m not sure it’s going to take them off. Do you think I could wait a month then try the ACV? I read something in the blog about freezing moles being bad? The doctor wanted to scrape them off, but that sounded invasive so I opted for freezing. Could you tell me what you know about this? Thank you.

    • says

      I don’t know much about the freezing method – may work about the same as the ACV except that it may not go “dig” for the root of the mole like the ACV does…would be interested to hear what happens!

  30. Ally says

    I have a few flat moles on my face but am to scared to get them lasered or cut
    I’ll try this method because they have been bothering me for a while since there in my face

  31. Gemma Rose says

    Hi I’m doing some on my face the black scabby thing has come off and left a crater with white bits in the middle like your picture do I stop now or carry on should it look like that x

  32. Matilda says

    Hey! Just wondering if you have any update on how this method works for flat moles, if you have tried it already? Thank you for this great blog!

  33. Hanna says

    Do you have any before and after pics of the flat moles? It doesn’t seem to work on my flat moles. The ACV has taken away some in the middle but hasn’t affected the rest of the mole… Has the ACV created a hole where your flat moles were, or only “bleached” them? Thank you :)

  34. Courtney Strait says

    I have a question: I was wondering how the area healed up after the mole fell off (I guess is the right word)? Can you even tell if there was a mole there? I am hoping to try this method because I have a lot of moles on my back and I am getting married, and I have a strapless dress and I am so self cautious about my back with all my moles and everything. I even have this one that doctors have called a “halo” mole, which I guess just means that there is a white ring around the mole. I go tanning a lot and it is the only spot on my back that doesn’t tan (so it looks kind of ridiculous). I appreciate all of your insight and hope to try this method soon!

    • says

      My areas healed up really nicely! Less scarring than the ones I’ve had surgically removed in the past for sure! Every body’s skin is different though. If you tan a lot, you may notice the spots much more than mine, as I’m a bit pale (blehhhh) I would just try one that’s a bit less conspicuous to be sure it’s the right method for you! Congrats on your upcoming marriage!

  35. Matilda says

    Can you please post pictures of your flat moles? Also, what is the approx. healing time for you? For the raised moles, how long did the “pockmark” or hole get filled with new skin? Thanks!!!

  36. john smith says

    ive got a raised freckle/mole right on the top of my lip, do you think the scab/hole would get easily irritated in that area?

  37. Marci B. says

    have you had trouble with any of them? I saw these remedies a month ago & everyone says they should fall off or what not in at least 8 days. On day 14 it only lightened it & the raised mole got a little flat. It’s still there. Any recommendations? (I also tried the garlic, it didn’t do anything.)


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