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If you have been reading here for long, you know that I am a huge fan of bone broth.  For a list of benefits as well as a step-by-step picture tutorial on how to very simply and inexpensively make your own CLICK HERE.broth for baby

Miles is a big boy.  9 months old and nearly 25 pounds.  This isn’t a surprise, I’m 5’11”, my husband is 6’1″ and my dad is 6’8″ – something my Henry is very proud of.  He always says he hopes to be “as tall as Papa” when he grows up.miles eats

While grains are very filling, most are very processed & nutritionally deficient.  Beginning grains too early can cause a lot of gastro-intestinal problems as babies don’t yet produce enough amylase to process it.  For more on this CLICK HERE.

So, today, my little big fella is starting bone broth.   Somehow I completely forgot to teach him to use a bottle.  I have no idea how this happened, kinda a Mom fail there, but oh well!

So feeding him the broth straight was a bit of a challenge.  I just loosely tied a dishtowel around his neck to catch the drips right off his chubby little chin.  He really loved it!  I’ll be adding it to his veggies as well.Photo3-3

Not only will it provide that wonderful full tummy after nursing, but it is packed full of vitamins, minerals, glucosamine, good healthy fats, gelatin and more.  It is also extremely beneficial for the digestive tract and gut, joints and skin, as well as effectively warding off illness like the common cold.

I would feel comfortable adding bone broth to a baby’s diet very early.  Nourishing Traditions even has a bone broth baby formula that you can make for babies who can not handle dairy, which is a wonderful, healthful, organic alternative to soy formula.

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  1. says

    How early can I start giving this to Henry? He is 5 months old right now. What would you recommend I start feeding him first? I won’t start till at least 6 months but want to be prepared. thanks Lindsay!

    • says

      Nourishing traditions offers a bone broth baby formula – so I would feel comfortable giving him bone broth now unless you find that he wants to nurse less because of it. My boys didn’t start solids until 8 months, but bone broth is so wonderful that I wouldn’t hesitate to start it as a first food along with the egg yolk!

  2. Mari Almeida says

    I have a almost 6 months son and I was researching on how to start the solids but at the same time trying to avoid to start now as much as possible but my Son looks very interested in my food. So, I’m not sure what to do. I came across many suggestions saying to star with bone broth, avocado and egg yolk. Do you suggest me the same? How am I supposed to give him the egg yolk? Boiled? Sorry for my questions but I’m just want to make sure I’ll start solids the right way with the best foods. Thanks

  3. Katherine says

    Can you use vegetables and spices to make the stock and then give it to a baby for a first time food, or does it need to be prepared without those? Sorry if that is a silly question, but I just wonder because they say to introduce foods separately and several days apart because of possible allergic reactions. We do not have any history of allergies, but I wanted to be sure first. Thanks!

    • says

      Good question! I always use veggies (no spices other than whole garlic cloves and maybe a bay leaf, or any old herbs) without trouble, but my boys don’t have any allergies. If you are concerned just make it plain, and add in a new thing as you know they can tolerate it!

  4. Sondra says

    Hi. I have a 6 month old that I want to start on bone broth. Is it ok to give it in a bottle? My son is very handsy so I don’t think I’d be able to spoon feed it to him. Also, how much do you give? He is exclusively breastfed right now. Should I mix a little with his milk? Sorry for all the questions but I can’t seem to find this anywhere! Thank you!

    • says

      Oh yeah! That’s what we transitioned to soon after this blog post. He asks for it and will guzzle down a whole bottle at mealtime! I wouldn’t worry about giving him as much as he wants, as long as you are certain that he is getting the VAST majority of his intake from breastmilk (IE: breastfeed first :) Mix away if you want, but I don’t find this necessary. The only issue is that if you warm the milk too much (i.e.: add it to HOT broth) it will kill the live enzymes and cultures in the breastmilk, so I would just add it cold of very lukewarm. I hope this is helpful!

  5. Julie says

    I’m just wondering how much per day to give my six month old baby bone broth? In a bottle or a spoon? By itself or mix it with breastmilk?

    • says

      I always just gave my babies the broth after nursing, to be sure that breastmilk was their first source of nourishment. Other than that, I let them have as much as they want :) I give it plain! I do it in a bottle now, and it’s a lot easier than a spoon :) Really, just whatever works best for your baby!

  6. Keesha Doss says

    Just gave my 9 month old some! She has a ton of allergies (from me) and I am currently on several supplements to heal my leaky gut plus dr put me on auto-immune paleo for a short bit. Hoping it helps her! She is 48% for her weight and 98% for her height. That’s not bad… but she looks so small compared to my firstborn boy who was 99%-100% on height and weight 24-7!


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