lower your blood pressure naturally, quickly, and cheaply

My dad has been a runner his whole life.  So when he injured a tendon in one of his feet and was no longer able to work out, his blood pressure got a little high.

(Healthy ranges are from 90-140/60-90)

It had been consistently 125/70 from age 25-45, went up to 130/80 at age 45, and crept to 155/90 in his late 50’s.

But at the age of 60 it got up to 157/93.  Nothing super dangerous, but definitely a concern.

Dad paid a visit to a Doctor who immediately wanted to put him on blood pressure medication.  Knowing the adverse side effects, he obviously didn’t want to, and the doctor agreed to let him first try exercising and losing 10-15 pounds to see if it made a difference.

He lost 5 lbs but saw no difference in his blood pressure.  He is tall and lean, so obesity is not a factor here.

A few days later he was talking to a friend from a region of S. Africa where medical care and prescription drugs are extremely hard to get.  His friend recommended that he take cayenne pepper.  It is the only treatment available for high blood pressure in the community where he lives, and has proven to be extremely successful.


Starting with a BP reading of 157/93, at age 60, he did not lose any additional weight, and had not started working out:

1/4-1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper in 8 oz purified warm water or tomato juice – 3x per day for 3 days.

On day 3 he tested his BP and it was 135/75!

He continued taking one dose, once a day for a week.  At the end of the week it had dropped to 125/70 back to his 25-year-old blood pressure reading.

That’s a 32 point drop in 10 days!

He continued for another week and was shocked to find that his blood pressure was 116/65.  That’s like 14-year-old soccer-player low.

By now his foot was healing and he said that since starting the cayenne treatment he had so much energy and was feeling so good that he started running again.  I talked to him today and he said that he literally feels like he is in his early 20’s.

He is now 61 and maintains his blood pressure at around 125/70 by taking cayenne once a week or so, or by sprinkling it on his food a few times a week.  He admits that his diet could be better.  However, it remains stable even when he skips the cayenne for months at a time.

Ok, so I know what you are thinking, who can possibly drink straight cayenne?  I hear that it takes a bit of getting used to! But if it is too much for you, cayenne is sold in capsule form. (Once capsule = roughly 1/4 tsp)

As a little extra motivation, here is a list of side effects of several prescription blood pressure medications; copied and pasted straight off the WebMD website, so there are some repetitions (emphasis mine):

Extra urination. Extra water out means more time in the bathroom. Take these medications earlier in the day and when you’re not stranded away from a bathroom, Erection problems in some men, weakness, leg cramps, or fatigue. Diuretics may decrease the body’s levels of the mineral potassium, which can lead to these side effects. Certain potassium-sparing diuretics do not have this effect, intense and sudden foot pain,which is a symptom of gout. This is rare. Asthma symptoms, Cold hands and feet, DepressionErection problems, Insomnia and sleep problems.  A dry, hacking cough that doesn’t go away. If you have this side effect, the doctor may prescribe another type of medication, skin rash and a loss of taste.  ConstipationDizzinessHeadache, Irregular or very rapid heartbeat (palpitations), Swollen ankles. Anemia, Constipation, Dizziness, lightheadedness, or weakness when standing up suddenly or getting up in the morning (from a drop in blood pressure), DrowsinessDry mouthErection problemsFeverDiarrheaDizziness, lightheadedness, or weakness when standing up suddenly or getting up in the morning (from reduced blood pressure), Erection problems, Heartburn, Stuffy nose….

Ok, I can’t copy and paste anymore, it’s too depressing!  Not only do the medications have a litany of terrible side effects, it would seem that taking them may actually necessitate more prescriptions.

Cayenne has not only eliminated my dad’s symptoms, but has reversed whatever problem was causing it in the first place by actually cleansing the arteries and getting rid of the extra LDL cholesterol.

True healing.  

Having a healthy Papa makes quite a few people around here very happy!

More positive effects of Cayenne:

It can also stop a heart attack as it is happening, aids in the rebuilding of stomach tissue and repairing ulcers and eliminating stomach tumors.  And as opposed to the ED problems that the medication causes, cayenne can actually cause the opposite effect thanks to better circulation and blood flow throughout the entire body. It helps alleviate allergies and muscle cramps, and aids in detoxification. There is also documentation of it destroying prostate cancer cells.

The only side effects I can find of Cayenne is a non life-threatening allergy that occurs in an extremely small percentage people, so test a small amount before starting the regimen.

So why would any doctor recommend a pill rather than something as easy, effective, cheap, and health-promoting as Cayenne?  It might be that they simply don’t know about it, as our government and educational systems who train our doctors rarely promote these remedies.  More about that here.

live well. be well.


  1. says

    That is fantastic news, Lindsay! This natural remedy reminds me of using saline irrigations for sinus infections in lieu of antibiotic Rx which do not really work. I attended an in-service lecture by a world renowned immunologist at National Jewish Hospital in Denver where I worked and he said the most effective cure for sinus infections was salt water because it destroys all germs in your sinus cavities. Why is it not prescribed more often? No $$$ in it for pharma and patients did not believe it could work because it was just salt they had in their kitchen. They wanted a shot or a pill.

  2. Wilbur Shingles says

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    My own, personal web site

  3. Dan says

    I’ve got a minor surgery coming up in a month, and have moderately high blood pressure my whole life (first record at 15 yrs old). I’m 5ft 9in male. 165 lbs and approx 11% body fat. I’ve been active my whole life with sports (3 days / week), have a consistent diet (minus splurge days). When my PE coach in highschool noted i had “high blood pressure for my age” it was a bit of a concern. I never really thought about it that much until college. Most the doctors I approached about the issue said more or less “your fine” with BP 145 / 88. Hmmm that does not seem fine… After doing some web based research I’m looking forward to trying this process. Already the Cayenne is a bit spicy for my taste buds, but I’ll endure. The other recipe i read about was Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. I’ll keep you posted as to the success.

    Only one question, do I need to drink the cayenne that sinks to the bottom of the glass? it’s a bit gross.


  4. says

    Happy Thursday Lindsay,
    Today I had been on Google looking up information on Cheyenne Pepper. I’ve been told I should use it before going to an ENT and although I’m literally months and months late in trying it. I finally decided to start not to mention hearing it’s great in lowering blood pressure and much more. I just so happened to come across your blog, which I think what really grabbed my attention was the reality of those REAL pictures you posted of your dad and then I began to read. I’ve been seeking wisdom in this and when I reading, I was very touched by the love that you have put into this blog and the information you gave to your dad. I have been doing the same thing with my dad telling him of home remedies to try and it’s neat that he then tells me of what he’s heard about as well so it’s a great relationship that is evolving on health awareness. Granted having medical experience I have heard so much and had never really done any of them for long periods of time so I don’t have that experience in whether it works or not. Yet, today I decided to start being proactive and after reading a little bit during my prayer time, I read procrastination could be your worst enemy. Yikes, something I knew but needed to have HS bring back to my remembrance. I want to thank you for the blog and to see how easy it is to start a blog. I have been even thinking of doing that but again had my worst enemy the Procrastinator meddling around. I think by taking that first step in making my first cup of hot water with little cayenne pepper and removing the fear of the burning sensation I thought I’d encounter. I decided to enjoy a little reading while I had. I think the Lord always knows exactly what will grab our attention and what will move us into the next step on our path. Thank you for the blog and for the encouragement you’ve given to another person who encourages. Sometimes we also need that refuel for ourselves. It’s been refreshing! ~Joy
    Prov 3:5-6

  5. Paul says

    Awesome article and im mega pleased its turned your dad into a teenager once again… Cayeene is indeed a little treasure as is turmeric… natural things rock dont they!

    Thanks for this website Lindsay…
    Love from Paul

  6. Isy says

    Dear Lindsay, God bless you for being a blessing. I am 50 years and have systolic hypertension with an average reading of 180/75. Sometimes 140/70. The readings are not very consitent. Do you think Cayenne pepper will help?

    • says

      I would say it’s absolutely worth looking into! I would not advise you to stop taking medication, and if you have a doctor who is monitoring your health, you should talk with him/her about this option! Thank you for your kind words!!

  7. Cat Dyson says

    My 36 year old husband just found out he has really high blood pressure and his doctor wants him on blood pressure meds. We are not excited about this so we decided to look into other natural remedies. We got the cayenne tablets because he can’t tolerate the heat in his mouth. I’ve got high hopes for this. I’m 37 and being from South Louisiana I eat as much cayenne pepper as people dump sugar in their coffee. Love that stuff. My blood pressure today was 97/57. I have never had a single allergy and I normally feel really good. I started taking it when i had strep throat on vacation and couldn’t get to antibiotics. It was gone the night I started dumping it into my soup. Also, both my dad’s side and my mom’s side of the family suffer from high blood pressure and allergies. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I don’t have issues with either. So glad your dad is well! :)

  8. Latonia Clayton says

    Thank You so much for posting this! I am a 41 year old and is a little bit down and out but is trying to make this a good year a do better/live better like I used to and stay that way. I have heard so much about cayenne pepper before and is anxious to try it, and I WILL get back with you and let you know how I took it and how much. I am probably going to do a baseline of what your father did and then reduce it to once a week. I am going to follow his guideline and see how it goes. Love the pics of the baby and your father by the way and Happy New Year to you!

      • Latonia Clayton says

        Hello Ms. Bentley!
        I don’t know if you remember me but I am the one that stated I would try and follow your father cayenne pepper guideline regarding my high blood pressure. Well it worked!! Oh Yes, I can’t believe it. What I did was take a tsp. full then drank behind it lemon juice or tomato etc.. It is hot to the tongue so I found instead of putting it in the juice I had better results drinking the juice behind it and the tsp I take isn’t a heaping amount.
        I have also started light exercises too. I take mine in the morning and I feel just great!

    • says

      I haven’t researched it for bp, but I do know that around 80% of americans are mag deficient. The best way to replenish your system is through foot soaks with magnesium oil (it can get you back to where you need to be in 30 days as opposed to 3 years with oral supplements!) I used the oil sold by Health and Wisdom, but I know some folks who made their own with magnesium flakes. I believe food renegade did a post about making your own!

  9. Sky says

    Lindsay, first I’d like to say it’s great to hear the news about your dad. Thank you for the tip on Cayenne Pepper. I am a 51 year old woman who is about 75 lbs overweight and I have high blood pressure. I feel that taking “medication” is simply going down a path that harms more than helps. Right now I take 10 garlic capsules a day because I’ve found this to help lower blood pressure also. I am also working on getting healthier and losing weight. I bought Cayenne Pepper capsules but wasn’t sure what dosage to take each day but thanks to your information I will follow what worked for your dad. I appreciate your sharing this helpful info.

  10. says

    thanks for the info, I was wondering if it matters what type or brand of cayenne pepper powder I should buy, and heard the powder has different scoville heat units(SHU),and does this matter?, I would appreciate your advice

  11. says

    thanks for the info, I was wondering if it matters what type or brand I buy, and I heard cayenne pepper powder has different scoville heat units(SHU) and does this matter?, I appreciate your advice

  12. hotpapa says

    it works for me! i just posted this on another website and gave credit to you..
    this is what i wrote …

    history of high BP in my family. i knew that and promptly became the thinnest and fittest in my family since forever, pushing 50, just went to ole doc and my bp was 170+/90+, obviously wanted me on BP MED. heck no. so i did some research..and found Cayenne pepper and Apple Cider Vinegar (mother version)! not kidding, on wed, i saw doc, by wed nite, i started taking 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper that nite, i also started taking ACV 2 table spoon that nite. then on thur, i took cayenne pepper 3 times as “prescribed” online, and took ACV 3 times as well, 2 times i took with 1/4 tsp of baking soda (takes away the acidity of ACV and keeps your body more alkaline)..long story short, by thur nite, my bp measured 3 different times were 130s/70s, this friday am it was in the 120s/70′s and as of this writing on friday nite, 126/75 …looks like it staying there…i will go see doc next week..can’t wait to see the shock on his face.

    thank you much for this info..i sorta vaguely remember about cayenne pepper but did not know amt and times to take it..your page guided me..in this green earth of ours, one must try natural remedy and not blindly just trust man made biochemicals (big pharma drugs)..

    • lindsayleighbentley says

      This is awesome! Amazing how effective simple, cheap, natural remedies can be without the nasty side-effects! Congrats!!

      • Charles says

        Thanks so much for sharing your
        dad’s story. I’ll followed your dad’s
        routine and got the same results!
        It really works! Thanks again!

  13. says

    Hi Lindsay,
    My name is James E. Davis. My blood pressure has been extremely high and still is. I started taking the Cayenne Pepper capsules tonight. In the morning, I’m going to start exercising with brisk walking and eventually get back to running. I’ve been telling myself over and over again that I’m going to start using the Cayenne Pepper. Well, I had already started this evening, even before I read the testimony about your dad. But now, after reading it, I’m really going to continue with it. People believe that God wants us to be well by putting these medicines in our body. I believe God wants us to be well with medicine to, but I believe He wants us to do it naturally, because He made us naturally, not chemically.
    I will keep you posted. Thank you.

  14. Glynis says

    Due to an oversight I’d had no prescription bp drugs for 5 days, so my bp was spiking high + i was getting worried. At first i took a 500mg garlic tab, which brought it back to 125/66 on first day! i am 64, about 10lbs overweight, so was pleased to have bp of a teenager! But on 2nd day, despite another garlic tab it rocketed in the evening to 178/90.
    My daughter showed me your blog lindsay, so i switched to Cayenne capsules. Took 1 the next morning, brought bp straight down to 132/72, took another in evening and bp was 121/66. Now today in mid afternoon its still 121/67, without the need for a capsule as yet!!! Amazing!! I have had to take Apple Cider Vinegar to counteract the Cayenne heartburn, but its nowhere near as bad as the heartburn i got with the garlic capsules.
    Shall keep an eye on bp readings + discard my prescription drugs!

  15. Arun says

    Did your dad take any other natural herbs? I have been taking two capsules a day not showing any results. Could be garlic capsules may have interaction and I am taking turmeric too. May switch to plain Cyanane peper with Tomoto juice. Advice welcome

    • lindsayleighbentley says

      From my recollection, this is the only thing he was doing. You may try to up the ante a bit. There are different strengths of capsules, and he most likely used a very potent powder :)

  16. Lyle Barnes says

    I had almost the identical experience. The doctor prescribed statins and blood pressure medicine. I took very little of it then resorted to habanera pepper formulas from herbdoc.com. My blood pressure went from 166 over 98 down to 114 over 63. After recent blood tests, the doctor told me that my LDL cholesterol was below normal.

  17. Vlade says

    Is this cayenne paper organic ….?
    And for how long I mean how many days I can take it….?
    And one more thing is how many SHU there is…?
    Thanks a lot.

    • lindsayleighbentley says

      I always use organic…the time will be determined by your personal chemistry and blood pressure, I don’t know the SHU, it didn’t seem to be a relevant issue for my dad.

  18. priscilla says

    Can i use cayenne capsules while breastfeeding, postpartum hypertension 180/108 sometime 140/98 not stable.. am soo worried off medication for awhile.. pleaee help me. Thank you. From Ghana


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